Thursday, December 8, 2016


The Finnish Society for Aesthetics and The Slovak Association for Aesthetics have recognized Mădălina Diaconu’s article “Longing for Clouds – Does Beautiful Weather haveto be Fine?” for receipt of the Article of the Year in the Field of Aesthetics award.

The main goal of the nomination is to highlight some of the good work in our field which easily goes unnoticed following the immense amount of publication within this tiny discipline. We hope that at least one great article, would every year, find all the readers it deserves! “Longing for Clouds” was published in Contemporary Aesthetics (2015, Volume 13).

This year’s jury, Max Ryynänen (FSA), Zoltan Somhegyi (FSA) and Peter Breznan (SAA) chose the article for the following reasons:

- the topic is highly original and it has universal appeal (we all deal with weather)
- the methodology used is fusionist in a way which makes it suitable reading for all representants of all schools of philosophy

Last year's jury Michaela Pastekova (SAA) & Veera Launis FSA) chose Eileen John's "Meals, Art, and Artistic Value” (Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics, 2014, No. 2, 50th Anniversary Issue, pp. 254-268) to be the article of the year.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

HEIDEGGER NYT (Heidegger Now) 8.12

The title of the annual fall seminar of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics is Heidegger nyt, i.e. Heidegger now (in Finnish only). Speakers: Harri Mäcklin, Anne-Mari Forss, Jussi Backman, Reijo Kupiainen and Jussi Mäkelä. Language of the seminar: Finnish.

Suomen Estetiikan Seuran Vuosiseminaari

8.12 Tieteiden talo (Kirkkokatu 6)

12.00 Avaussanat: Harri Mäcklin & Petteri Enroth

12.15 Harri Mäcklin: Olemmeko Heideggerin aikalaisia?
13.15 Anne-Mari Forss: Rakentaa asua ajatella. Nyt.

14.15 Tauko

14.30 Jussi Backman: Heidegger tänään: Mustien vihkojen varjossa
15.30 Reijo Kupiainen & Jussi Mäkelä: Veistos ja maailmassa asumisen etiikka

Seminaarin päätteeksi julkistetaan Vuoden Esteettinen Teko -palkinnon, Maailman Esteettinen Teko -palkinnon sekä Suomen Estetiikan Seuran ja Slovakian Estetiikan Seuran vuoden artikkeli -palkinnon saajat.

Seminaari on maksuton ja kaikille avoin.

Friday, July 29, 2016


 It looks like the Finnish Society for Aesthetics will organize the pre conference of the International Association for Aesthetics in 2018. There's a lot of work to be done, but we are happy about it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


April 9, at 12 - 4 PM the Finnish Society for Aesthetics organized, together with Third Space gallery (Tarkk'ampujankatu 18) its annual spring seminar with the title CONSENSUS / DISSENSUS: Art and Politics (concepts borrowed from Jacques Ranciere).

The idea was to bring together people working in the melting point of art, aesthetics and politics in the Helsinki area. Organized by Max Ryynänen, the chair of the society, and the society's new member Raine Vasquez, the seminar included free man-made snacks (cooked by the organizers) and some wine.

Raine Vasquez spoke about the pros and cons of political art, and got a detailed commentary by one of the society's young veterans, Sanna Lehtinen. Oleksandra Sushchenko discussed institutionalization and aesthetic values in the era of knowledge reproduction (commentator: Max Ryynänen).

After the lunch break art theorist and editor of the journal Rab rab Sezgin Boynik gave a long talk about the topic of thinking outside of the state. Commentator for this speech was Ahmed Al-Nawas. In the end Scott Elliott discussed architecture, affect and language with the subtitle communication between bodies, and got a profound commentary from Pajari Räsänen.

All speeches were sharp and the warm atmosphere encouraged people to discuss and learn to know each other. Names mentioned in the debates included Schelling, Luhman, Hegel, Ranciere, Marx and Deleuze.

Third Space gallery is very small in size, so the amount of 20+ guests was quite the maximum for this event.


Sunday, March 6, 2016