Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finnish-Russian Conference on Problems of Contemporary Aesthetics, Culture and Art


Helsinki, May 18–19, 2015, Aleksanteri Institute, Unioninkatu Street 33
“Negotiation Room” II Floor

Organised by Aleksanteri Institute, Aesthetics, University of Helsinki and Finnish Society for Aesthetics

MONDAY, May 18, 11 AM

Professor Markku Kivinen: Opening Words
Professor Arto Haapala: Opening Words
Docent, artist Kimmo Sarje: Dynamics of Stagnation – about the Congress
Professor Vadim Prozerskiy: M. Kagan: Biography and Synopsis of his Philosophical System
Docent A. Apykhtin: The Actuality of Kagan’s Aesthetic Ideas for Russian Philosophical Thought of the Second Half of the 20th Century
MA Vlada Müller: Living in Parallel Worlds: Art Criticism of Moisei Kagan and Ilya Kabakov


Professor E. N. Ustyugova: Die schöpferische Evolution M. Kagan im Kontext der sowjetischen Philosophie und der Ästhetik (Creative Evolution of M. Kagan’s Thought in the Context of Soviet Philosophy and Aesthetics)
Professor Tatiana Artemyeva: Moisei Kagan's Educational Rhetoric
Professor T. A. Akindinova:   M. Kagan als Kulturgeschichthistorik (M. Kagan as Historian of Culture)
MA Jukka Mallinen: The Stagnation Period and the Origin of the Moscow Conceptualism and Metarealism since 1977

TUESDAY, May 19, 11 AM

Docent, artist Kimmo Sarje: “My Art Goes Here!” Deconstructing Leninism
Docent A. E. Radeev: On the Concept of the Aesthetic Relation in Soviet Aesthetics
Docent Oiva Kuisma: An Overview of Marxist Aesthetics in Finland
Professor A. Gryakalov: System-Ästhetik und der Ästhetik der Ereignisse: die Dialogposition (The Aesthetics of a System and the Aesthetics of event: the Dialogue of Positions)


Post-Graduate Student Svetlana Martynova: The Artist and the Witness: the Problem of Expression
Doctor Hannu Eerikäinen: Die Konzeptualität als eine Form des Erhabenen


Docent I. Tretyakova: Synergetic Approach to the History of Culture
Docent, artist Jyrki Siukonen: The Problem with Abstractionism. Revisiting Kagan's Soviet Aesthetics

Panel Discussion

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